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Shima live broadcast room teaches you how to choose screws face to face!

With the launch of the Online Canton Fair in 2020, the live broadcast boom is coming. Last week, shimai began to prepare related matters about the live broadcast event, and conducted a pilot broadcast last Saturday. Shimi’s staff Tina and Nora First introduced myself and the company, and then explained our product categories, screws,nails,bolts,nuts,anchors,rivets, and so on. Then The product display started, because Shimai is a professional screw factory in China, and our drywall screws and self drilling screws are loved by many customers, so we showed you the products of our drywall screws and self drilling screws, and then we a brief introduction be made. Actively interacted with everyone, every question will be answered, at the same time, everyone will also get free samples. We currently have one hundred tons of fresh ready drywall screws of various specifications. Pre-order it and get it first.
This live broadcast is an opportunity and a challenge for Shimai. I believe Shimai will surely achieve further victory in the trend of trade live broadcasting. Our live broadcast will be performed simultaneously on the official Shishimai accounts on
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