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What's Expansion screw?

When using expansion bolts, you must first drill holes of the corresponding size on the fixed body with an impact electric drill (hammer), and then install the bolts and expansion tubes into the holes. Tighten the nuts to fix the bolts, expansion tubes, mounting parts, and fixation The body swells into one.

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The fixing principle of the expansion screw:

The expansion screw is composed of a screw and an expansion tube. The tail of the screw is conical, and the inner diameter of the cone is larger than the inner diameter of the expansion tube. When the nut is tightened, the screw moves outward, and the conical part is moved by the axial movement of the thread, thereby forming a large positive pressure on the outer circumferential surface of the expansion tube, and the angle of the cone is small, so that the wall, the expansion tube, And friction self-locking is formed between the cones, thereby achieving the fixing effect.

The spring pad on the expansion screw is a standard part. Because its opening is staggered and elastic, it is called a spring washer. The function of the spring washer is to use the sharp corners of the stagger to penetrate the nut and the flat washer to prevent the nut from loosening.The flat washer is also a standard part. Its function is to distribute the pressure of the nut evenly on the connected parts.

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