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Shimai actively responds to challenges

Abstract : In difficult circumstances, all companies need to take more active actions to turn crises into opportunities and lead the industry to good development.

Since Shimai began to resume production in early March, within half a month, Shimai has achieved the normal work of personnel, the machine is fully operational, and the production capacity has reached the normal level. But the market pressure and challenges are still great. As the export market is severely affected by the global new pneumonia epidemic, the problem of rapidly reducing overseas orders has become prominent. In order to solve this problem, Shimai actively responds to the challenges:

1. Market diversification

"You can't put eggs in the same basket." Due to the sudden outbreak, many countries were blocked. If the export market is too simple, this is the wrong approach. Therefore, it is necessary to develop new markets, such as the Middle East market and the African market. These markets are very potential markets, reducing export risks.

2. Communicate more with customers

Taking full advantage of online platforms and social media, in addition to selling products on alibaba, Shimai has also set up corporate accounts on many media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter. This will shorten the distance between shimai and customers, and better understand the needs of customers.

3. Development of new products

During the epidemic, Shimai has been focusing on the development of new products:

The name of this product is Threaded Bar, Double End Stud Bolt. Its surface treatment is: Black, ZINC, Plain. It is often used in home appliance equipment, Auto parts.

Size : M6-M100

Grade:4.8/ 8.8/ 10.9/ 12.9 ,Ect.

The current international epidemic has continued to spread, global economic risks have increased, uncertainties have increased significantly, and the Shimai export situation remains severe. The problem of customers delaying delivery time still exists and the development of Shimai will definitely get better and better.