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Shimai's Rivet series is waiting for you to choose!

Founded in 2004, Shimai has been committed to producing high-quality fasteners. Its products mainly include screws, rivets, nails, anchor, bolts, nuts, Circlips, Washers, Studs, bits, pins and hardware tools. And development, in order to better serve customers, the company continues to enrich and improve its product structure. Today will be one of Shimai's main products-Rivets.


Product Name:Open type Blind rivet

Standard: DIN7337

Material: Aluminium alloy head + Galvanized iron shank

Steel head + Steel shank

Aluminum alloy head + Aluminium shank

Stainless head + Stainless shank

Aluminum alloy head + Stainless shank

photobank (1).jpgHTB1WA6Gb2c3T1VjSZPfq6AWHXXah.jpg_350x350.jpg

Product Name:Structural Multigrip Blind Pop Rivets

Material: Aluminum、Stainless Steel


Product Name:Pull Flower Blind Rivet

Material:   Aluminum 、Steel


Product Name:Painted/Colorful Blind rivet

Head: As your customized

Application: Metal Fixing


Product Name:Painted Large Flang head rivet

Diameter : 3.2-4.8mm

Length : 6-35mm


Product Name:Waterproof Blind rivet

Finished: Bright(Uncoated), Galvanized, Paint, Nickel, etc.


Product Name:Pull-Thru(PT) rivet

Head: Flat head


Product Name:Bulb-Tite rivet

They are ideally suited for fastening soft or sensitive materials. They have been used in commercial vehicles, roofing, cladding, and many other industries for a number of years.


Product Name:Solid Rivet

Material: Aluminum、 Stainless steel、Copper

Head type: Flat head、Round head


Product Name:Semi-tubular rivets


Product Name:Knurled solid rivets


Product Name:Copper eyelet rivet ( copper hollow tubular rivet)


Product Name: Chicago Docking Binding Rivet Screw


There are many types of rivets, including common blind rivets, colored blind rivets, waterproof rivets, solid rivets, hollow rivets, Chicago docking rivets, etc. The materials of the rivets can also be customized according to your choice. Materials are aluminum, stainless steel, copper, etc.

If you are interested in our rivets, look forward to your message.

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