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Today, our new Shimai office was established. This is our second export trade office.The export trade office will be ded...

November is the last month of the third quarter and the first month of the winter of 2020. Unknowingly, only one-sixth o...

  Yo, how are your holidays? This is Shimai Group. This year is a rare double -festival celebration. Our happiness is a...

The Ukrainian Interdepartmental International Trade Commission issued an announcement, in accordance with the Commission’s resolution AD-465/2020/4411-03 of September 21, 2020, on steel fasteners incl

Hello. This is ShiMai Group.  Our company "Shimai" is an advanced manufacturer with import and export rights in hardware...

Hello, everyone, this is ShiMai Group,There is a Chinese saying: Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains Are Invaluable Assets.T...

Hello, everyone, this is Shimai Group, today we will introduce a good helper for door and window processing--Hexagon Dri...

Hello everyone, here is the ShiMai Group, we wish you a happy new week,and we're very happy to inform you of a news that...