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Hello, everyone, this is ShiMai Group,There is a Chinese saying: Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains Are Invaluable Assets.T...

Hello, everyone, this is Shimai Group, today we will introduce a good helper for door and window processing--Hexagon Dri...

Hello everyone, here is the ShiMai Group, we wish you a happy new week,and we're very happy to inform you of a news that...

Today, Shimai will take you to learn more about the wedge anchor.As a veteran factory with more than ten years of produc...

Hello everyone, this is Shimai Group. Today is August 7th, which is also the day of the beginning of autumn. Today is Au...

Today is the last day of July. Shimai Group spent the month in a hurry with busyness and harvest. In July, we contacted ...

Hello everyone, this is the Shimai team. Today, Shimai would like to introduce the Shimai shop.Shimai is a Chinese facto...

Today I want to share with you that Shimai registered to youtube and used to share videos, including product test video, product display video, product packing video, etc.