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The online show is on the road!

Hello everyone, this is Shimai Group. Today is August 7th, which is also the day of the beginning of autumn. Today is August 7th, which is also the day of the beginning of autumn. The beginning of autumn in China means that summer will become cool, and autumn is coming.In the past few days, we have held four Alibaba live broadcasts, three of which we are doing new product launches,In addition to our hot sale products, drywall screws, hex head self drilling screws, pan framing head self drilling screws, flat head self drilling screws, hex head self tapping screws , pan head self drilling screws , truss head self drilling screws, There are screws with special surface treatments like Dacromet, Ruspert etc.
For the last live broadcast, we set up the live broadcast room inside our factory and showed everyone the production process of the screws,From head making to threading, then to the surface treatment of the screws piled in the warehouse, waiting for the packaging.In this live broadcast,every time we broadcast live, we rank first in the show,the number of people who watched us has remained above 1,000, and the number of people who liked us exceeded 600,000 for the last time.Among those who came to watch us were our old friends, we also had interesting interactions in the live broadcast.One of the customers, when the live broadcast was completed, he decided to purchase hex head self drilling screws from us, because he said that I am very happy to be able to cooperate with a large factory like yours.
What we have gained and learned from these live broadcasts are inseparable from our efforts,After we learned that our video was approved by Alibaba, we purchased equipment, including microphones, pan-tilts, brackets, fill lights, tables, chairs, etc., as well as gifts for customers, Chinese tea and tool boxes,We also decided that we will send free samples for the top 20 customers.
Although this live broadcast is very hard, it is worth it, and we will hold two live broadcasts on Alibaba. Do you want to see our factory or watch us continue to explain screws? If you have any ideas, please leave us a message and we will make adjustments according to your requirements. Our next live broadcast will be on August 12th and August 22nd. We are very looking forward to meeting you next time, and we are also very looking forward to meeting you in the next live broadcast! We will see or leave!
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