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Shimai login to Youtube!

Shimai is a Chinese screw factory. With advanced machinery and equipment, mature experience technology, and perfect after-sales service, it has won the trust of customers from all over the world. Absolutely high-quality products and competitive prices have become the reasons why customers choose Shimai. Due to the new coronavirus, we cannot invite you to visit the factory, In order to better interact with everyone, Shimai began to promote on social media. In addition, Shimai will conduct regular live broadcasts in the near future, I hope everyone will continue to pay attention.Today I want to share with you that Shimai registered to youtube and used to share videos, including product test video, product display video, product packing video, etc. When our fans reach a certain number, we will also be on youtube Live broadcast on the Internet to strengthen interaction with everyone.Shimai's account IID is cv_bUZa4rdVHItDVvAiQyg,Shimai's channel ID is UCcv_bUZa4rdVHItDVvAiQyg,I am very happy to meet you on youtube, but we are not doing well enough now, I hope you all forgive me,We will strive to grow with humility!
On youtube, we released an introduction vedio   of Shishima factory, which includes the production process of screws and the display of screws, including drywall screws, hex head self drilling screws, pan framing head self drilling screws, flat head self drilling screws, hex head self tapping screws , pan head self drilling screws , truss head self drilling screws, and so on.We also released the vedio of the first live broadcast, very proactive and valuable communication with customers, and also gained a lot of fans in this live broadcast.After a while, "Shimai sister will continue to broadcast live for you, please pay attention!In addition, Shimai’s youtube account also released the test video of the screw, mainly the test video of the drywall screws, including the test by the sales staff of Shimai, the test of the drywall screws by the manufacturing staff of the screw, and the customer Test video of drywall screws feedback.Our drywall nail penetration test is 0.3-0.4s, the penetration ability is very strong, after this video was posted on Instagram, our fans all like it very much,There are many types of our videos, there will be more in the future, come and watch it!
In addition to youtube, there are other social media accounts that I mentioned in the article before, Linkedin ,Instagram ,Facebook ,Twitter and they are smoothly sharing Shimani’s news every day.
Shimai has always been committed to providing services to customers with the most sincere heart, we must insist on the principle of customers first. Any information you supply will be treated confidentially. So choose us, please rest assured.We will not only provide you with competitive prices, secondly, but our delivery time can also be guaranteed completely, for the normal goods, we can finish goods in 7-10 days, and we can finish goods on time, and the third one is quality.
If you want to know more about us, Please click on our website link,We also opened a shop on alibaba, this is   the link, please click.
Tel/Fax: 0086 3158117672
Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086 13012299116