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The new status of shimai is updated.

Last week was the second week of Shimai’s weekly update of new products. The first week updated the Confirmat Screw, and the second week updated the pan head roofing bolts. As soon as the Pan head roofing bolts product was released, many customers came to ask, one of the Customers from Kenya impressed me the most. He knows the product very well and directly tells us his needs.
The number of followers on Shimai’s Instagram account has reached 1500, which is very exciting news. From October 14, 2019, Shimai posted the first post. Until today, 1-2 posts are kept updated every day. The content of the post is mostly product images, text, and video. The products are mainly screws, drywall screws, chipboard screws, self tapping screws, self drilling screws, and also include the shipping photos of Shimai. Of course, we will protect the privacy of customers and will not leak the customized packaging boxes.Recently, Shimai is also constantly changing the updated style of posts,caps1 hoping to be seen by more friends, please support!
The damage caused by the new coronavirus to humans is still very serious. Every day people lose their lives and the economy is in a state of depression. Coronavirus is not a person, a family, or a country. It needs the whole world to unite. If you are reading this article from afar, please take care of yourself and your family, thank you for watching.