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Make Wedge Anchor That Matter

Today, Shimai will take you to learn more about the wedge anchor.As a veteran factory with more than ten years of production experience, the wedge anchor is an item that does not require much concrete hole depth and cleanliness, is easy to install, and is cheap.
Principle of use: The end of the tube extending into the tube plate hole is rolled by the wedge anchor to continuously expand the inner wall of the tube, causing plastic deformation and increasing the pipe diameter. The tube head is completely attached to the tube plate hole wall and forcing the tube plate to Produce elastic deformation. When the expander is removed, the elastic deformation of the tube sheet will be restored to its original shape, and the plastic deformation of the tube end cannot be restored. As a result, the tube sheet will tightly hug the tube end, so as to achieve the purpose of leak-proof and firm connection between the two.
Attention: When installing the wedge anchor, it needs to be knocked into the hole. When knocking, pay attention to the damage of the thread, which may result in the screwing of the nut and the threaded rod.


The material of the Wedge anchor is usually stainless steel and carbon steel. Choose according to your needs.

When packaging Wedge anchor, you can choose bulk and small box packaging (customizable), and choose according to your needs.
The production process of the Wedge anchor is divided into: wire drawing-head making-rod forming, this process is completed in the cold heading machine, the tail stripping in the instrument car is to facilitate the screwing of the nut. Finally, threading
The advantages of wedge anchor mainly focus on the following aspects: a. In addition to the standard anchor depth for installation, each anchor size can also be used for shallow burying, which provides greater flexibility during installation.
b. It has a longer thread, which is used for spacing installation and can be flexibly adjusted
c. The cold process makes the material more ductile, even if the drilling is not perpendicular to the concrete surface, installation and adjustment can be carried out to a certain extent